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make money online - paid to writeWriting articles for money (paid to write) can be a quick and easy way to get started making money online. Freelance writing, blogging, and writing e-books are just a few ways that you can make money online by writing and working from home. Freelance writing usually involves writing articles for people that need content for web pages or blogs. You can typically get paid from $3 to $10 per article. It is depending on the word count and your writing skill. Blogging can be used to make money online in many different ways.  Writing e-books can be very profitable with the proper research. Basically you will provide information that people are willing to pay for. You can promote the product yourself as well as have affiliates promote it for you for a commission.


Paid To Write – HireWriters is a real pay-to-write website that allows writers to utilize their skills and earn some fast cash. Many sites that claim to be quick money makers require a lot of information and for you to sign up for different services or even pay an entry fee. doesn’t require the hassle. As the name suggests, people can get paid to write easy articles with little effort. By just creating an account for writers or clients and attaching a Paypal accounting, one can write and get paid or hire people to write pieces for a an affordable fee. This site is perfect for people who need quick pieces written and can hire people willing to do to the job for low prices.

When a writer begins, they start at the beginner level. The more successful, five star jobs completed, the higher the writer’s level goes. Clients rate the pieces submitted by the writer based on how pleased they are. When writers get on higher levels, the higher paying jobs they can qualify for. The price of the job depends on the word count and what type of job it is. Original pieces tend to pay more than rewrite jobs.

The website allows writers to browse the site for jobs. When the writer accepts a job, the writer must meet the specifications requested by the client. Specifications include keywords, length and format of the pieces. Some jobs will be formal articles, some will be reviews, some will be informative pieces.

paid to write

Clients have the option of setting up multiple job postings so that they can have different write a piece in a different way. That gives the client many options for a great piece. Clients also have the option to allow a writer revise their work for a small fee. If a writer has a question regarding the clients specifications, the writer can message the client easily. is a great site for anyone looking to make some quick money without having to put in the hours of work for minimum wage. While it may not be a career, this site gives future writers a chance to earn easy money and get experience. Due to the ease with which people can use the site, both clients and writers can use the site and be happy. So, don’t miss out on the chance to earn some extra money or get some work done. Sign up for an account and write some pieces to earn money; or let writers do your work for you for a small fee.

Please remember to register your free account with Paypal. Otherwise you can’t receive your payments!

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