About Me

about meHi, my name is Minnie Boggs. With the opportunity to make some money using the information on this website, you’re probably thinking “why share this stuff? Why not keep this secret to myself to make money online?”

You’re not wrong, and there’s probably a lot of people who would do just that. But I’m sharing everything that I’ve learned with you for one simple reason…

I’ve been where you are.

Like most people, I did the usual route. Followed in my dad’s footsteps, worked in the same company he had when I was a kid. I managed to rise in the ranks but then found myself stuck. It wasn’t a bad job, but it was dull and not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

I knew there had to be a better way, that there had to be some way that I could make some money and do all the things we’ve always wanted to do. So I started to do some research into other ways that I could make money in my spare time.

At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing. I tried a lot of different things, always trying to find that one thing or combination of things that would truly pay off. It took some time, but eventually I will be able to do it: I will quit my full time job and will work entirely at home -well, more like I work from wherever I want to as long as there’s an internet connection. That means I can travel, visit places I’ve always wanted to see, while still making income working online.

You can have that life, too.

If you would like to contact me, please leave a comment. Thank you!